Acta Europeana Systemica n°05

Systemic continuities and interactions
between architecture and social systems:
Knowledge for the future of the knowledge society

Actes du 2e Séminaire Européen de Systémique (ESS2015) de l'Union Européenne de Systémique (UES)
Proceedings for the 2e European Systemics Seminars (ESS2015) of the European Union for Systemics (EUS)
UES-EUS, Groupe de contact F.R.S.-FNRS 'Architecture & complexité' joined Seminar,
Brussels, Belgium, Europe, 16 octobre 2015

Tome 5 / Issue 5

Couverture, comités, table des matières / Cover, Committees, Table of Contents.

Introduction du séminaire / Introduction of the seminar

Damien CLAEYS (2015). "Le jeu des (dis)continuités entre architecture et systèmes sociaux peut-il nous sortir de l'anthropocène ?".

Conférenciers invités / Invited Lecturers

Carlotta FONTANA (2015). "Architecture and systemics: An outline and an outlook".

Ahmed Z. KHAN (2015). "Integrated design for global ecological balance".

Contributions par ordre alphabétique / Papers by alphabetic order

Abdelkader BOUTEMADJA & Sigrid REITER (2015). "L’approche typologique processuelle comme modèle systémique de lecture des représentations graphiques dans les concours d’architecture".

Cristina BRASCHI (2015). "From social movements to the coproduction of the city: the renewal of the Right to the City in the contemporary making of public spaces. The case of Madrid and Brussels".

Jean-Luc CAPRON (2015). "The oku concept and the sequential depth".

Corentin CHANET & David EUBELEN (2015). "Haunting rhetoric, haunted epistemology: An anthropological critique of systemics in architecture and urban studies".

Valerio DI BATTISTA (2015). "Paysage: perception et projet".

OPROMOLLA, Antonio, VOLPI, Valentina, GRIMALDI, Roberta, PALATUCCI, Mauro, MEDAGLIA, Carlo Maria (2015). "Defining a meta-design framework for knitting the emergent city elements".

Jean-Jacques JUNGERS (2015). "Mimesis & Cie – The (un)walled man".

Gianfranco MINATI (2015). "The social field designed by architecture".

Antonio OPROMOLLA, Mauro PALATUCCI, Alessandro SPALLETTA (2015). "The game as the central element of interactive and social systems for the transformation of the urban environment".

Ornella VANZANDE & Jean-Alexandre POULEUR (2015). "The diversity of housing typologies in the service of the complexification of inhabitant's needs and expectations: Observations in the heart of Hainaut".

Paul VERMEYLEN (2015). "The time of the metropolis: Understanding urban and systemic dynamics".

Valentina VOLPI, Mauro PALATUCCI, Giuseppe MARINELLI DE MARCO (2015). "The emergent city. Interactive relational systems between public administration and citizen to foster sustainable processes of urban development".

Comité d'organisation / Organizing Committee

Damien CLAEYS (S&O, UCL), Claude LAMBERT (S&O, UES), Sylvain MARBEHANT (ULB), Andrée PIECQ (S&O, UES)

Comité scientifique / Scientific Committee

Gianfranco MINATI (AIRS – Milan), Damien CLAEYS (UCL – Bruxelles), Stefan EPPE (ULB – Bruxelles), Carlotta FONTANA (EPM – Milan), Sylvain MARBEHANT (ULB – Bruxelles), Marie ROOSEN (Ulg – Liège), David VANDERBURGH (UCL – Louvain-la-Neuve)

Equipe éditoriale / Editorial staff

Damien CLAEYS (S&O, UCL), Claude LAMBERT (S&O, UES), Gianfranco MINATI (AIRS), Andrée PIECQ (S&O, UES)